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At 11:34am on September 23, 2013, Sangeeta Gulati said…

Hi Kim,thanks for the welcome note.There is a whole lot here to explore and learn from.I will be visiting this site often in coming days to get acquainted with the content,discussions and various forums.

Thank you for adding me to this wonderful network.

At 1:38pm on June 30, 2013, Patricia McGlown said…

Thanks Kim,

It nice to have support from outside sources. This is going on my 3rd year in MS as all my previous experience was in ES. I am a certified Reading Specialist for grades K-12 but hadn't been able to use the certification in Social Studies until the last 2 years. It was a great experience as the other teacher offered no support so I winged it. My Standardized test scores for Social Studies were great and helped raise her scores.

I love both the subjects. The students here are well traveled and I learned a lot about the Ancient Civilizations through their personal travels. They were excellent primary sources.


PS I am from Cleveland, Ohio (^_*)

At 10:53am on June 13, 2013, Alicia Williams said…

Thanks Kim, looks like a great page. I plan on familiarizing myself with all the areas you mentioned between this week and next.

I relocated from Panama to Chile in January and I'm still getting used to the ways things are done here at Craighouse School.  It's an IB school, therefore my plannign has to be immaculate.  I'm glad I found MSP2. Once I'm more settled in, I can spend more time digging into this new oasis.

Thanks again for your warm welcome

At 4:24pm on June 3, 2013, Debora Rogers said…

 I am feeling slightly overwhelmed with this new assignment of spanish 1 and teaching STEM . I believe we do not have any budget but I am going to the Mining Assoc. workshop for teachers this summer. It looks so fun.  I hope to get some great ideas.

At 8:50pm on October 17, 2012, Xianbao Yan said…

Hello Kim Lightle,

Thank you for your warm welcome.THis is a great site! What interets me most is the blogs and forum! It's a nice site for STEM!

At 11:58am on October 12, 2012, Anthony Echols said…

Hello Kim,

Thank you so much for making me part of the team. This is my first year teaching and needless to say...I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. I have been a Professional Engineer for the past 14 years and decided to "make a difference" and close the achievement gap by joining the Nashville Teaching Fellows organization over this past summer. Needless to say the "very brief" bootcamp that they put you through is not enough to prepare you for the "real classroom"!! At this point I'm just trying to reach out for as much help as I can get. Currently my goal is to try and make my classroom more fun, interesting and exciting; I feel like I just lecture at this point and I am not getting through. If you have any ideas/suggestions I am more than open. I keep hearing about differentiating instruction,creating centers, using manipulatives etc....but all of this is foreign to me and I am not getting the support to figure this out...so I'm DESPERATELY doing research online...any help/ideas/suggestions would be GRRRREATLY APPRECIATED!!!


A Echols

At 10:40pm on September 26, 2012, Michael Harvey said…

Since this will be the first time for us can you make any suggestions?

At 10:39pm on September 26, 2012, Michael Harvey said…

Hi Kim

Thank you for the warm welcome.  We are all excited about starting a project based STEM  program.  I had the first class yesterday and the students were quite interested.  We went over microprocessor basics and the weeks to com we shall learn up to the point where we can program and interface a microcontroller.  Hope to hear from you again soon


At 9:35am on August 24, 2012, Charlie Skidmore said…
Hi Kim,
Thanks so much for this article.  I will meet the staff of the school where I am coaching next week.  Once I get to know them and their needs, I look forward to planning a webinar or other even so I can learn and share more about co-teaching.
At 6:37pm on August 15, 2012, Charlie Skidmore said…

Hi Kim,

Thank you for your warm welcome.  I am looking forward to using the resources of the Middle School Portal.  I will be working as a coach to a principal of a middle school, and since my background is primarily high school, I want to make sure I have as many sources of good ideas as possible for this work.  The school where I will be coaching is very specailized in that it uses a co-teaching model in all classrooms.  The school's focus is inclusion of all learners.  I will be looking for ideas that support differentiated instruction so that students on Individualized Education Plans get equal access to the math and science curricula.  I look forward to visiting this site often.





At 9:55am on March 20, 2012, Dov Frede said…

Same here, Kim! And thanks to you and Jessica for your fabulously helpful evaluation of science resources in relation to the Common Core last week. I'm looking forward to learning from you all.


At 11:09am on February 9, 2012, Arcielo Letigio said…

Thank you for the warmth welcome ms. Kim. I am still navigating this site, and trying to promote MSP2 as well.

At 10:36am on January 27, 2012, Ed Brazee said…

Hi Kim,

Thanks for the great webinar on cyberbullying a couple of days ago. I'm pretty familiar with CSM and their resources, but still a very valuable experience. I would be happy to help put together some resources on digital literacy and digital citizenship. Please let me know what you are thinking!


At 5:59pm on November 16, 2011, Vivian Barker said…
Thanks Ms. Kim it was great seeing you again as well.  I hope to visit site more to help stay focused!! Thanks for a great site
At 7:55am on June 29, 2011, Christine Horne said…

Hello Kim,

Thank you for the warm welcome.  This is such a great website!  I'm looking forward to diving into it during the summer.  I have already passed this website on to another teacher I work with.  Thank you again for the welcome!


At 3:59pm on June 23, 2011, Berma Rouse said…

Hello Kim, Thank you so much for the welcome. I am sure that I will be able to use many of the resources located on the site. I am beginning to read about MSP2. Thanks again for the welcome message.


At 9:09am on June 14, 2011, Danielle Wood said…

Hello Kim!

I actually just graduated from Otterbein on Sunday and will be teaching 8th grade Math and Language Arts at Olentangy Shanahan Middle School this fall.  I am so excited to start but also a little nervous!  I am very excited to take advantage of all the helpful ideas and resources through MSP2.

Thanks again for welcoming me! :)


At 9:55am on June 10, 2011, Sid Goel said…
Dr. Lightle, Thank you for your kind message. I'm finding my way around this portal and the more time I spend, the more I realise, there is a lot going on here!
At 12:35pm on May 28, 2011, Mary L. Bigleow said…
Thanks for the (very prompt) welcome message. I retired from an intermediate unit in PA, where I was involved with program evaluations and science outreach. I currently do some writing/blogging for NSTA. But at heart, I'm still a middle school science teacher, which I did for 17 years, followed by another 11 at the high school level. This looks like a fabulous resource.
At 10:06pm on May 10, 2011, Sean Shepherd said…


I checked out the links you put in the last comment...I'm pretty excited (and thankful) for all of the resources you have available!  I teach third grade this year but will be jumping into 6th at the junior high in September....Thanks for being so helpful and for hosting this resourceful online community!



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