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Rebels with applause

Brain compatible approaches for motivating reluctant learners

The reluctant learner…

  • Has trouble paying attention
  • Seems bored/forgetful
  • Doesn’t participate
  • Disruptive/silent
  • Seems capable but unmotivated
  • If they choose not to participate, then at least they are in control rather of the situation. Its better to

Strategies that you can use…


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10 projects to teach creativity and problem solving skills in your classroom


Really need the ppt to support this workshop – lots of links!

What is innovation? Doing the “impossible”, creating something new

How can we be creative within the parameters of our standards and pacing? Think about blocks, or legos. They can build and create. Once they know how it work, then they can create and build. Need the tools and know how to use them before…


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Social Technology and the Middle Level Child

Balancing opportunity and risk

Why is texting so powerful?

  • Self regulated speech- when teens are trying to communicate, there are so many variables to consider (body language, appearance, see words before you say) The ability to

    regulate what you are saying.
  • Removes social cues-
  • More efficient- can respond to relevant components of conversation instead of…

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Paperfolding 101

Graphic Organizers using regular paper - Diane E Tatum

Although I already use foldables, a tool that helps kids make a kinesthetic learning tool with paper, its always good to find ways to use it more efficiently and effectively.

(We folded a paper into 8 boxes for our notes on this- hard to capture as well in…


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NMSA opening session

I am at the NMSA conference in Baltimore. The opening session had some great words to inspire and help us reflect on what we do. Here are my notes of the opener, not perfect, but hopefully the key ideas are there.

NMSA- Opening session – 11/4/10

Innovate Create Inspire

Dr. Nancy Grazmik Maryland superintendent - One of the top states for education.…


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CSTA - California Science Teachers Association

This last weekend I spent at the CSTA conference. There was some amazing workshops. Many of the sessions were a challenge to take notes in, but I'll share what I can.

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Earth Science - not just for Geologists anymore!

My degree is in biology, and its where my heart lies. I took one geology class near the end

of my undergrad work and was surprised when the professor asked if I ever

considered being a Geology major.

It was far too late in my educational career, but it started to open my

eyes to the frequently overlooked areas of science - the Earth Sciences.

I have made a concerted effort over the last…


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Session Archive: Tech Talk on Wikis

On August 19th, I moderated a Tech Talk on Wikis through Elluminate. The Tech Talk was recorded and is available for viewing online. The NSDL wiki has recorded versions of all the Tech Talks and links shared by the group. During the presentation, I provided an overview of wikis, the rationale for using wikis in education, some possible ideas of how they can be used in the educational setting, and an… Continue

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WICR - Collaboration

Collaboration is one of the main skills that employers are looking for that many people seem to lack. The last research I heard, the number one reason people were fired was their inability to work well with others. Collaboration skills are essential for almost all professions, but we rarely talk about teaching it. It is not always something that comes naturally and we assume that everyone know how to work together. Like reading and writing, people need to know how and practice the… Continue

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WICR - Inquiry

Inquiry is essential to AVID, College Readiness and Science.

One of the things I find most frustrating from my kids is their inability to question. Their questions tend to be vague or low-level. One of AVID's essentials is using Costa's levels of questioning and helping students understand level 2 and 3 questions, so they can ask them as well as answer them.

I always tell my kids that they can identify the level of question depending on where the answer is found.

-Level one… Continue

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WICR - Writing

Looking at the Writing component of AVID, there are many strategies to help students be successful in written communication.

First, writing, like any skill, takes practice. But more than just practice, there needs to be feedback, so that one does not practice mistakes. AVID has a variety of activities to allow students to practice writing in their content area courses (besides English) and receive feedback. I'll start with my list of activities from the week and try to remember more as I… Continue

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AVID Summer Institute

This week I am at the AVID Summer Institute. For those who are unfamiliar, AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination and was a program developed over 25 years ago to help students become successful for the road to college. Interestingly, in times when there are huge budget cuts, the AVID conference is sold out. As expensive as this program is, it is supported because of its proven success. It is one of the only programs that has documented success in overcoming the achievement… Continue

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Technology in Education Research


I figured out how to share articles. So as not to overwhelm things, I'll add them slowly.

Digital Natives

If you haven't read Prensky analysis of Digital Natives, then you better check these out.

Prensky's Digital Natives Part 1

Prensky - Digital Natives, Digital… Continue

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Wikis in the classroom

Well, I just completed my Masters in Educational Technology. I went through the ceremonies about two weeks ago and saw my final grades yesterday. I am still awaiting the actual diploma. Here is my e-portfolio

So, its time to take my research to the next level. I did my final project on wikis. I used them in my AVID class, since they need to practice 21st c skills and have a more flexible schedule… Continue

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All About Me!

Hi all!

In case you are wondering about who I am and where I come from...

I graduated from CSU Sacramento in 1993 with a Bachelors in Biology and Psychology, a minor in Anthropology and Introductory Physical Science and a Teaching Credential. Whew. My peers thought I was nuts, not because I had so many teaching subjects, but because I focused my student teaching on Middle School. My adviser thought I was confused when I insisted on doing my Phase 3 student teaching in the junior… Continue

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