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Science Resource Guides

Energy Transfers & Transformations
Structure & Function in Living Systems
Prototype Development
Populations and Ecosystems
Aerodynamics: Applications of Force and Flow
Technology and the Environment
Plate Tectonics
Light Optics and Lenses
Middle School Meets Evolution
What's Making You Sick?
Oceans, Climate, and Weather
Health Rules: Fitness and Nutrition for Kids
The Reasons for the Seasons
Thinking Green? Grow Your Own!
Get Moving with Simple Machines
Chemistry: Making it Real
Carbon Cycle
Water Cycle
Nitrogen Cycle
Geologic Time
Germ Theory
Atomic Theory
Copernican Revolution
Science and the Polar Regions
Organ Systems: Function, Diversity, and Uniformity
Rocks, Minerals, Technology, and Society
Methods of Science
Quantitative Literacy
Developing Science Vocabulary
Forensic Science
Reading Comprehension Strategies
Ocean Systems
Reproduction and Heredity
Earth's Ocean
Science Fairs 2.0
Teaching With Trade Books
Misconceptions at the Middle
Reading 2.0
Inquiry, Literacy and the Learning Cycle

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